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In the mist of our new strip club being built we are putting a dedicated team together. 

Please note that being part of the management team is a LOT of work.. its not just a tag.. The job not only involves a lot of responsibilities but a lot of stress and time spent dealing with club issues when you are not on stage. We will be doing meetings together and will have alot of say into clubs decisions
you also must attend meetings and run training courses.

We have a few requirements so please ONLY  IM me in world to complete the application if you are 100% sure that you can do this. Management is a lot of work and serious commitment.

Managers must be exclusive to the our club – you CAN NOT work for any competitors.

Assistant Manager must also work as dancer or escort at the club

Manager must work at the club at least 10 hrs/week

After 2 months and upon review possibility to move up to permanent manager.

Assistant Managers must be able to do:
- 1 interview per week (you will be given full training) & host a weekly 1 hour event (you will be given full training). Event can be as simple as a truth or dare session to something much more elaborate. We can help you with themes, dj and prize OR 2 interviews / week.
- Help staff with any issues and work closely with managers on ongoing club activities
- Attend a monthly management meeting

Assistant Managers will receive:
- Free adboard in the usual board section of the club (worth up to L$2,000/month)
- Free manager board in the club entrance
- Permanent tipjar for extra tips in the entrance where you receive 100% tips
- You receive 100% of any auction or raffle events you take part in
Free photoshoots


Please IM me in world for an application



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