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Sexy Gay Boy Dancer with People Skills ISO Club Job!


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Do you want cute, sexy, shy, sweet, built  yet out going and someone who can work a crowd?!

Looking for a dancing postion that allows me to help promote your club with my boyishly yet masculine sexy, from cute and clothed to letting it all hang out...and I DON'T spam macros, no, I talk to people/type to people as INDIVIDUALS!

Happy to work for St8 or preferred Gay or Mixed club as YOUR sexy dancer pet!

I am HUMAN and a VERY RARE FIND because I really do know how to erotically emote at people and get them all worked up!  I can even RP the sexy bartender if you need one of those!

Happy to learn to host as well though I prefer the personal touch rather than macro spam!

Available most every night ALLLLL night long SLT+3

Willing to work for my tips and work it HARD! Possibly escort to keep your customers happy and statisfied!

Prefer NC but you can IM this sexy boi for a first hand look and I will be in touch with you asap so you can meet me and my avi-you will not be dissapointed!

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