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Free Spirit Farms Bohemian/Hippie Community

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Open community for modern day hippies and wanderers. Newcomer friendly. Sharing the land...love of music...love of art...intelligent conversations...bohemian life.

Set your home here ...chill out with us. Make new friends...enjoy your old ones. Unpack here, too, but please be respectful and always clean up after yourself. Every bit of the land and buildings is open to all.

Relax here. Yoga, Tai-Chi, and guided meditation right next to the peaceful waterfalls.

Free your mind...help tend the homegrown ganja...stomp out grapes for the home made wine. It's a work the land you live type of feel.

Live music concerts the first Monday of every month, with only THE best SL singers & musicians.

Don't forget to join our in-world group when you visit, and grab a landmark!


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