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Masters of the Singularity Shutting Down.

Larre Leborski

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Due to an act of Congress earlier this year that limits rental assistance to those under the USDA Rural Development contracts, my rent has went up USD$350 in the real world, up to USD$950 on Oct. 1st. This is a sad part of what is hasppening, since we relied so much on rental assistance to help fund our SL experience. In effect, before the 9th of September, we must get out from under the tier. We will only keep a few small parcels in the region of Glinda.


If anyone wants any of the parcels that I have in Elmaer, please let Larre leborski or FractalPsyAnnie Resident know ASAP. This goes for a few parcels in Glida as well. The 1/4th sim that belongs to the Zendwellers will be returned to them after the current rent week is up.


And I say thank you guys so much for the awesome times here. I will really miss all that I was capable of doing here in SL. May peace be with you all.



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