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Hiring a Yoga Instructor


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We're looking for a yoga instructor to role play a weekly beachfront yoga class. 

Requirements: You will need to come visit the yoga mat we currently have available and work out a script to take people through a 20-minute yoga class, including a warm-up. All animations are provided by the mats; you just need some patter to direct people through the menu to the next pose. 


  • You need to know something about yoga to successfully lead this class.
  • You need to be able to commit to a single time for the next four Saturdays or Sundays
  • You need to own appropriate attire


Pay: A weekly pay amount, plus a bonus for making all four classes. You can also rez a  discreet tip jar.

Applying: Please send a notecard to HuntingtonValley Resident and include any experience you have with yoga, leading social events, or light-hearted role play. Please also state your rate per class. 


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