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OK..... To be very correct about it, the word "kudos" is singular.  There is no such thing as a "kudo" and there are no "kudoses" either.  It's a word of Greek origin that has the general meaning of "praise", or "glory", or "acclaim" and it's used properly in a sentence like "Maddy just gave you kudos for your excellent question."  That would mean, "Maddy just gave you praise for your excellent question".  As in normal English, where she wouldn't say "a praise", she shouldn't say, "a kudos" and certainly not "a kudo".  If Maddy decided to go overboard (and if the forums allowed it) by giving you heaps of praise, she would give you kudos again. * The word doesn't have a plural, just as the word "health" doesn't, in normal speech.

Thus endeth the lesson.  Selah. 

*Our Maddy, of course, can do anything she wants.  I just meant "Maddy" in the royal sense. :smileywink:

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