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Sansar Gamification Engine

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1) What could you use a gamification engine for, when Sansar becomes public? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gamification

2) Can you write a gamification engine description? Maybe for a thesis . . .

3) Do you have skill in game deisign you would like to share with educators?

4) What do you recommend for testing of meeting game goals/measurement of behaviour?

5) If you know how to program in C#, would you like to contribute to a gamification engine?

6) Would you like to contribute to projects as a visual storyteller, or storyline developer?

7) Would you like to create gamified objects?

8) Are you willing to be a game tester for such projects?

9) How can we increase social interactions in a gamified design?


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What little i understand of gamification, the game must not be ready made out of the box, it must address the specifics of what you desire to encourage, the specifics of the users - or you not only don't accomplish the goals gamification is designed to encourage, you also risk loosing the interest of the players, as a vanilla game comes to be seen as of no value to the player.

A gamification must not be ready made out of the box. What do sucessful game designers think?

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Levio Serenity wrote:

I don't understand where you're coming from? Are you making a gamification engine? Are you hoping someone else makes one you can use?  Presumably Sansar will not include any more game mechanics than SL did, and indeed people will have to build up their own code bases somehow.


Read between the lines. Think "teenagers". Think "exploiting stupid people". Think "money trail". Think "poorly disguised ruse".

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