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Permission to edit friend's objects breaks when moved across sim boundary

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I work with a colleague on a multi-sim platform where we exhibit artworks. The objects are submitted to a dropbox and are takien into my colleague's inventory. He then rezzes the objects onto the floor of a gallery platform where I then arrange the things. We each have perms to edit the other's objects. This has all worked just fine for the last 5 years, but the problem comes when moving objects to a platform on an adjacent sim -- basically just dragging them from one side of the gallery to the other on the same level. When that happens, my perms to edit the objects that have been dragged disappear. It doesn't matter if he does the dragging or if I do. I can drag it to the next sim, but as soon as I stop moving the object freezes and I can no longer edit it. My colleague (as the owner) can still move it. but my abitity to edit his object is permanently broken. Some objects are full perm, some no perm, but that doesn't seem to matter. There is no issue with group perms on the land. I have full estate manager perms on both sims and they are set to the same group.

It is generally preferable to drag-move the objects rather than having him take them back into inventory and re-rezzing them, as many of them are large and/or coalesced. Moving them is often a delicate operation in any case.

This problem has not always been the case. We have many items on the adjacent sim that were dragged there, either by me or by him. But this problem has arisen at least a year or two ago. May coincide with the introduction of mesh, but that's speculation. Doesn't seem like it's been that long, but could be.

So my question is: why do the edit-friend's-objects perms break when the object is moved? And do we just have to live with it?

Thanks for any insight.


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