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Isle of Valesk Roleplay!

Grant Kirax

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Valesk is a fully immersive Medieval Fantasy Roleplay Sim open to all roleplayers dedicated to storyweaving and community.

Roleplay, Medieval, Fantasy, Humans, Elves, Merfolk, Garou, Drow, Wolves, Orcs, Faeries and much, much more!


The island is full of life and welcoming more! Everyday the population grows and so does the community.

In the waters the Mer grow more hostile, in the forest, Garou and Therians alike lay claim to the trees and the wilds.

Elves and Fae rumor to meet. A plan to build for themselves? They search for supporters and aim to break free from the Village, to be their own people once more.

And what of the human settlement?

Come find out.




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