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Lumiya Viewer mouse support?

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Does this viewer support bluetooth mouse?

Does it support bluetooth keyboard?

Does it support one of those 2-in-1 bluetooth keyboard/touchpads and both the touchpad and keyboard are functional?


Specifically I would like to play GNG Greedy on my android tablet and phone, I'm just wondering if lumiya supports a mouse at least.


These questions are on the assumption that the bluetooth device is connected and working with the android device.


Thank you.

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Ok, the short answer is Yes, the longer answer is how it's implemented.

With a mouse in Lumiya, that usually just controls the view of the avatar when using the 3D render view.  Once you're in that view, if you right click, it closes the 3D view.

If you want to interact with an object, then at the top of the 3D window is an icon for "Drag to select" so you touch this first, then the mouse action becomes that where you can select an object using Lumiya's pointer.  Once something has been selected, it prompts with actions to Touch, Sit on and More.

I'm not sure that you gain much with this though to be honest because you can accomplish all of this without the 3D view anyway and if you have a tablet, you can already touch with your finger or a stylus.

If the question is "Can Lumiya let me touch and sit on objects?" then yes, regardless of whether you use an external mouse or not and without needing the 3D render either.

(Yes it will support a keyboard although I don't have one with me at the moment but that just uses the keyboard for input that is already paired with the device and likewise, as long as there's a driver for Android for your mini keyboard/touchpad, then Lumiya will use it for input device).

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