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If you're new here and need help finding your way around, why not ask someone in the Welcoming Committee?  We recognize how large and intimidating this forum can be at times, and we'd like to make it that much easier for you to come in, find what you need, become excited about the community, and maybe stay a while longer

Welcoming Committee.  It would make sense advertising in this board, rather than trying to send PM's out to all the new users as they register.


I was a member of the old Welcoming Committee.  If any of the newcomers have any questions about the forums and they can't find the answers elsewhere, you can shoot me a PM and ask.  If any of the other veterans would like to volunteer as a guide/mentor for the newcomers, please post here and I will add your name to the list.  It would be a great opportunity to share your wisdom and experience with the next generation

If you are interested in joining the Welcoming Committee, please post your intentions in this thread.  Please include any additional relevant information.  We will consider your entry and review your post history.  If we feel you'd be a good addition to the team, your name will be added to the list 


As a member of the Welcoming Committee, we expect you to maintain a positive attitude when welcoming the newest users to the forums, and helping them with their problems.  Allow your positive attitude to become infectious.  Be positive, professional, helpful!


Keep in mind some of them may have been frustrated for weeks looking for answers to a persistent problem.  They may be upset.  You can be the reason they are no longer upset or frustrated.  Take them by the hand and help them get the most out of their experience here.





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