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Xtreet box items, is there a shortcut to relist them and reassociate them?

Arielle Simondsen

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I had all my amaretto horse bundles selling via my old magic box, but now that everything has been migrated I face the task of putting them in the new viewer managed merchant thing and relisting and reassociating them.  I've done one or two but it seems like I have to re-add each item and then find the listing ID and reassociate each one.  but as I have hundreds, that is going to take me ages!  Is there some sort of automated reassociation that I am missing?  or some shortcut to get them back to their listings?  This is crazy!  If I have to do them all one at a time I may go nuts! (though not a far trip  lol)  seriously though, it took me hours of work to list these initially and if I have to do them one at a time and go finding each listing id to relist each one, Im not sure I will do it.  But I will be losing half my profits if I dont.

I wish they would stop changing marketplace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks for any assistance!

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