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Where to start with Blender?

Syn Anatine

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Good day everyone! Please, before rolling your eyes at my question, be aware that I have spent the better part of the past several days googling and prowling this forum to answer my own question. In the end I have several word pages full of links to text, picture and video tutorials. My collection of SL related tutorials by now is quite extensive, the problem however is, where on earth to start!

I have attempted to follow several tutorials, but it seems they're too advanced for me, and I get more confused with each one. Thus my question.

Which tutorials did you use to learn blender and in which order? What are your top five tutorials to learn blender?

If you could link me to specific tutorials and tell me things like "This first, then move on to this, and when you're done with this you should be about ready to follow any tutorial you have saved!" instead of linking me to a general tutorial site. Chances are I already have it saved.

I'm not 100% new to Blender, I use Avastar to make animations, but I am 100% new to making meshes. I appreciate any and all help on this and hopefully will soon have a step by step list of guides to work through that is a lot less jumbled than the one I have right now!


Edit: I believe this is important, I am not looking to make mesh clothing. I would much prefer to make furniture and other clutter. Perhaps one day hair. But staying away from clothes!

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3 days ago i was a noob at all meshes stuff, im still but... i made progress !! :D



I had difficulties to find good tutorial about anything because 95% of people putting tutorials are not teachers in soul so they make crappy tuto. ( yes i say 95% of tuto made by people are crappy because they dont care about the quality of what they produce as tutorial)


But there https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4qx4cBQFLA, a miracle happened, i found a real real good step by step live tuto made by someone talented to teach complicated stuff to people. Someone that takes is time to show everything before speedy clic the process and finish the tuto before starting it.


I wish it will help you as it helped me.

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