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************* WELCOME TO THE ELYSIAN ISLAND ***********************


We welcome you to the accursed Elysian Island, part of the infamous Teraklian Empire. It is to these shores that the condemned
slaves of the empire come to serve the last of their lives at the command of the nobles Wardens of Teraklia.

The slaves follow a strict penal code known as "The Law of slaves", their remaining lives committed to obeying its every word.
Failure to obey the "Law of slaves" results in terrible punishment or immediate execution at the hands of the nobles.

To potential slave girls of this island , if you have been sent here after judgment on the mainland then your life will change forever.

(The island is a RP text only island but we take the submission seriously and if you are interested in being a slave girl here then
we would wish you to be truly submissive, and willing to live a life on the island as commanded by the wardens)

To Potential wardens of this island if the Emperor has sent you here to command the slaves then many pleasures will be yours.

(The island is a RP text only island but we take the Warden role seriously. If you want to live on an island of submissive and
are a dominant that understands how to treat a submissive properly, then this may be the place for you.)

We are currently looking for both submissive female staff (the slave girls) and dominant male staff (the Wardens).



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