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"Affordable 4096 meter parcels with 937 prims for Rent "

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                                                                                          ~Sweet Harmony~

Affordable 4096 meter parcels with 937 prims for Rent in a lovely little community without the role play. Parcel comes as empty we offer a home if you like also a furnished one if you need. Plus a couples Intan to enjoy on your own parcel in private. Beautiful Gardens to wander in and enjoy a relaxing time. There is also a Club House too hang out and dance with friends and family even play a game a Greedy. Control over Sound and Media even deed a television too land if you need one we have one you can use. There is a Lovely Chapel for those looking too wed soon, a picture perfect lovely location. A lovely nature sim and a Friendly place too live and more then just a place too live but a place too venture out too. If any of our residents enjoy creating you may show off your items at our market canter. Ask more on that. Even access to our other locations too enjoy some water fun like boating and access too linden roads.

Features with Sweet Harmony Rentals:

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Sound control
  • Media control
  • Gardens
  • Club House
  • Greedy
  • Market  
  • Access too open waters for boating.
  • Access too linden roads  too cruise on.

Come out  and visit  our  Information Center  it is easy  to  follow  instructions  for you too find what your looking for. If you need any assistance please feel free too contact any of our staff  posted  at the center. Theresa Manning  Niall Braveheart  or CasseyLee resident and more.

                                 ~Sweet Harmony is more then meters and prims ........  It is a Life Style~

Click here too  visit our center:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Drepana/65/120/134

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