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Lunar Hang Out Club - Hiring DJs - 100% tips + 45 L$ per hour


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I am looking to hire djs for the club, you would get 90% edit: it is now 100% tips, plus 45 linden an hour if you desire, i won't force hourly pay on you since i know some djs/people just like to work for fun and get tips instead, which i completely understand.

Any music is fine as long as its not too heavy or has to many swears.

You may choose which music you play at anytime, be prepared to take requests.

You may use your own stream url if you wish, i do have one setup if you need to have access to a stream - it allows 50 listeners at a time, but you do need the correct streaming software to access it.

Hours are generally during events, but you are than welcome to dj anytime, i can host if im on.

I can promise a decent amount of listeners during an event.

We are a new club and we have a lot of room to grow.

If you are interested in a dj position at Lunar Hang Out Club please contact lunarstar122 Resident in world or get application at club applictaion board at - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Engrailed/128/161/65

Edit - If you are also a live performer you are also welcome to join, basically ay dj or live perfomer.

Live performers are also welcome since we are a public club and we do get daily visitors from those who use fish hunt and sometimes the occasional sploder, so there are lots of oppurtunities to perform.

If you would like to have an event without dancers and just a host let me know, i can do it personally and let you perform privately without distractions if you wish.

For perfomers contact me directly, we can set something up if you wish.

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I never said 90% was set in stone, i dont mind giving 100 percent, 90 is just the default for everyone, it can be changed quite easily, plus i did mention that i also offer 45 linden an hour if you want it. but 100% tips I have no problem with. just let me know if you ever apply, because like i said its the default, it can be changed.

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