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BONUS PRIMS at Huntington Estate & Country Club

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Huntington Valley is a planned residential community and country club on the Huntington Valley sim. Huntington offers a variety of beautiful homes on spacious plots, each one with stunning views taking in our beautiful community, and a truly well-run, family-friendly place to make your Second Life home. View all our properties, homes, golf course, Country Club and more at HuntingtonSL.com.

Welcome to Huntington...



The Perfect Place to Call Home

As a planned community, living at Huntington is different. When you live at Huntington, the price you pay is for your personal prims. Each lot comes with an additional allowance for a house and landscaping. As a Huntington resident, you are free to choose any house we have in stock that will fit the property you select, free of charge. Additional homes can be added subject to approval.


The Perfect Price to Call Home, Too!

Huntington offers a full range of residential living from townhouses at $525 per week with 250+ prims to waterfront estates at $3150 per week with 1500 prims. Additional prims are always availible at cost. View all our homes and all our properties on our site, where you can sort by price, prims, size and availbility. And of course, our Concierge Team is always happy to help you find your perfect place at Huntington:


Two spacious mews homes. Private road with stunning views over Pavillion Park.


Homes on The Heights offer cliff-top views over the sea or over the golf course.


  • #3 The Heights | 2256sqm | 800 Prims + Home | $1680 per week
  • #4 The Heights | 2256sqm | 600 Prims+ Home | $1260 per week
  • #5 The Heights | 2256sqm | 400 Prims + Home | $840 per week
  • #6 The Heights | 2256sqm | 1,000 Prims + Home | $2100 per week
  • #7 The Heights | 2256sqm | 1,000 Prims + Home | $2100 per week
  • #8 The Heights | 2256sqm | 600 Prims + Home | $1260 per week
  • #9 The Heights | 2256sqm | 800 Prims + Home | $1680 per week

Homes on Shore Drive are all waterfront properties with views over Huntington Golf Course.


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