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Best pet?

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Hoshi Kenin wrote:

Wows.  I wonder what response that woulda gots if you had been a Gor master posting that?  Hmmmm?  I thinks we both knows.  Hypocrisy enters stage right. 

Probably several hateful replies obviously since Nekos are not allowed on gorian sims. ;)


Other than that I do not understand the hypocrisy comment.  I really don't understand the point of the post at all actually. Since the only response to the post was your's I have to ask, what would you have said differently if I were a gor master?

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It depends on what you like. For some folks it is a cat, while for others it is a dog, or a dragon, or something else. You just need to find one you like the look of and go with it. Look at the abilities. Some just sit on your shoulder, some follow you, and others are much more complex and can do things on their own. It really depends on what you like and what you want out of having a virtual pet.

Good luck finding your pet in SL! :)



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