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Nathen Beverly

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Look no further, Mickey C. an accomplished gutarist and solo intermentalist is your key to successful entertainment. His wide variety of songs ranging from hard rock to indie folk gives you a multitude of options to pick from. Mickey C uses his weekly gigs to strengthen his talent and broaded his support group, as a SL preformer he takes his job seriously and continues to seek out new and refreshing crowds to expand his horizons as well as his fan group.


Mickey C. plays by the hour, prices can be negotiated upon request.

Not to sure about hiring him? Let's schedule an audition!
All questions, concerns, and schedulings shall be send to myself in-world via notecard and/or IM.

P.S. Please ne specific with the times you want, the genre of music desired, and your preferable budget. We'll go from there. :-)

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