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My Heels don't fit in the boots shape

Andie Munster

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Andie Munster wrote:

Hi there, I wasn't online for years and now I am back ;-) but most of my sexy Highheels and Boots don't fit anymore... my foot size is down to the minimum, but my heels look still very strange.... could anybody please help me ???? that would be wonderful !!!!!! thanx a lot yours -andie

This sounds like you are using incredible old shoes (using your own default feet in shoes was already a freebie-only thing when I joined in 2010).  And if your boots are from the same time, you probably encounter a problem that is caused by invisiprims. Those where used to make parts of the avatar invisible, but stopped working years ago after a viewerupdate.

Today there are alpha layers to hide avatarparts. They are worn like clothes and hide a specific area. You could maybe safe your shoes by making an alpha layer that fits them (or use an already existing one for that purpose). But if I were you, I would trash all the old ones and go shopping instead. :matte-motes-asleep-2:

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