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The Anchorage Coast Guard wants You!


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The Anchorage Coast Guard
The Anchorage Coast Guard, housed out of the City of Fort Concord, is a Federal Maritime Law Enforcment Agency and Military Organization.

Do you enjoy the water? Are you fond of swimming? Do you want to protect and preserve the lives of those in your community? Do you want to wake up to the sound of the waves every morning?

If so, then the Anchorage Coast Guard might be just what you are looking for.


  • Free/Affordable Housing on base or near any of the bases we operate in Roleplay Sims.
  • Free training in Maritime Law Enforcement, Aviation, Search and Rescue, Drill and Ceremony, and Leadership.
  • Free/Affordable Housing will be available for families (First come, First Serve.)
  • Military School and Officer Training Programs Available for Youth and Young Adults.
  • Free/Affordable Equipment, Uniforms, Weapons, Vehicles, Etc.
  • Many more to come!


In the Anchorage Coast Guard, we understand that everyone has lives both in RL and SL that don't involve us in them. Therefor we do our absolute bests to not only give you the time you want and use your services and talents when you want to offer them, but we also attempt to augment those lives away from us; giving you skills, assistance, property, and much more.


The Officer Training Program is a Limited Slot Program in the Anchorage Coast Guard that allows the candidate - Upon Graduation - to commission into our organization as an Officer, standing up to lead and teach the enlisted members of the ACG. Space in the program is limited, and only a few will be selected to graduate.


Not to be confused with AFJROTC, FJROTC or Fleet Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps is an organization that is a part of the Fort Concord Academy Curriculum. The program allows for children - aged 13 to 18 - of civilian and military families to recieve citizenship and leadership training from Senior Enlisted and Junior Officers in the Anchorage Coast Guard. Upon completion of the program, if the student has reached the age of 18 and has their parents/guardians/instructors blessing, they may accept a position in the Anchorage Coast Guard as either an E4 (Petty Officer 3rd Class) or Officer Training Candidate.


You can enlisted in many different ways;

  • By contacting the Fleet Recruiter or CO (Joseph Garcia (josephtucker.resident))
  • By visiting The City of Fort Concord Operations Officer, Building 1000, Palila.
  • By speaking to a graduation counselor at the Fort Concord Academy.
  • By visiting any of our recruiting stations across the grid.


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