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The SL Marine Corps are recruiting.

buaya Burger

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Want to have the experience of military life?

Tired of getting promised the world?

Well, we don't do that.

We only promise you that you will get an RP of what it like to be in the military run by VETS.

We offer a two week boot camp and other courses after that.

Courses are designed to be as close to what you would be taught in RL.

If you're interested to become a SL Marine, come and talk to us.

We're at Liskamm: (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Liskamm/56/52/50)

Or contact via Private Msg.

Lieutenant Colonel, Jade Kangas.
Sgt Major, Ina Drut.
Corporal, Eduardo Huillermeyer.

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