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HELP! Looking for a COOL place to live!!!

Bibe Mayo

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Hi all! 

So I've rented in some amazing places, and I would love to find an amazing sim with really cool neighbors! I have been hopping all over the grid looking for a kick ass place to live but I feel like I am *just* missing it, hence the post. Could you please help? Here are the requirements: 

- Enough space for a house and some land (600-1000+ prims)

- Great community

- Adult-themed very acceptable 

- Family-themed also ok (but the two should NOT intersect) 

- Some events possibly? 

- Nice sim set up, NEWER looking

- I would like to set up an "English Countryside" Estate look, so no beach or anything like that, forest/moutainy great 

- Someplace like Hollowtree, Elysion, etc. but residential with some commercial? 

PLEASE let me know if you know anyone who rents something like this! Thank you so much :) 

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I have parcels with that many prims but not quite that theme of "country" you're looking for. Ravenglass for example is Celtic; Winnipeg and Wakeley are mountainy (the latter has a Tibetan build) and they have nice people some who  have been there for years. Events are rare, however, although occasionally there might be a discussion or a yard sale.


The kind of places you sound like you're looking for used to exist (I'm thinking of all those New England sims for example) and maybe still exist with Caledon, but I think they're harder to find now, it's a lot of work and people go out of business.

I noticed this rental company I stumbled on seemed very efficient:



What I thought was interesting is that they offered "Agricultural Lands," i.e. farmland, which is perfect for pets. I don't know if that would work for you but the community part -- I  just don't know. Most of these big island places have bots that greet you, not people but type in some key words and jump around the map, you may find some real people.


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