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Scripter for Hire


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I am a new alt with 9 years experience scripting in SL and OpenSim grids.

  • Rates are reasonable, work is guaranteed.
  • Price is determined by the complexity of the job and permissions required.
  • Full perm scripts are more expensive than scripts that cannot be modded.
  • Upon acceptance of commissioned work, a completion date will be set.
  • 25% of the agreed upon price is needed for work to begin.
  • 25% is due when the beta scripts are ready to be delivered to you for your evaluation.
  • If the beta scripts are not ready by the completion date, you will receive a COMPLETE refund.
  • Beta scripts will be modified as needed (within reason) until you are completely satisfied with them.
  • If you are not 100% satisfied with the beta scripts you will receive a COMPLETE refund.
  • The final 50% is due upon completion, and the final scripts with your required permissions will be sent to you.
  • Scripts include a 30 day guarantee. If they fail for any reason during the warranty period, they will be fixed for free.

Thank you for your consideration,


website: http://panchobarnz.weebly.com/

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