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Jezabell Barbosa

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A new approach to school role play.

RSU was created out of the need for role play that extended beyond the High School scene. A quick search of college/university role play in second life will bring you to a multitude of XXX places, and although we do not judge or frown upon that kind of play, it was not the type of RP that President Reos and I were wanting to participate in. RSU was born out of a love and dedication of the family role play community of second life where we could provide a safe college experience for young adults.

With that being said, there is no age play of any kind in our town. All attendees to the university must RP 18+. Children are allowed and welcome in town but are not allowed on University campus unless accompanied by an adult (student or staff).

RSU will offer relevant to second life classes in a role play like setting as well as workshops on the weekends.

We are also seeking teaching faculty and to fill a variety of other RP (non-pay) roles.

Please visit us:

Like us on Facebook:




And contact in world:
Demon Aker
Jezabell Barbosa

For more information.

Sincerest regards,
Go Mustangs!!

Mrs. Bun. E. Reos
VP & Chancellor


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