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Rooms to Let in Distressed Mansion

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Maryport Mystery Mansion has rooms to let for $50/50 prims a week.

Add a skybox for $100/100 if you like.  Also porch $25/25 prims and attic $100/100 prims.

Teleport to Maryport Mystery Mansion




o You must be able to swim -- hard -- from the Mainland to a Mainland Island.

o You must write death poetry at night but be cheerful days about multi-person dwelling accommodations.

o You must not be breedable although you can have a pet.


o Absinthe and hand-eye-on-platter breakfast provided daily, with jello shots and Soylent Green snacks at the manager's buffet.

o Additional free 25 prims for you to sell your cursed gatcha dupes on site  to feed your addiction - promote as you will

o Decorate in your room or around the place in theme

o Bring a gatcha from the DRD Mystery Mansion in lieu of rent.



o Don't ask about what happened in Room 2.

o House security only above 250 m


From now through Halloween


IM Prokofy Neva

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