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Grandmother's Summer Sale $50/50 Prim B&B and Motel Court Cabins

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It's after Labor Day and we have to go back to work or school in real life, but in SL you can still take a vacation!

This is the time of year that Russians called "Grandmother's Summer" and Americans "Indian Summer" warm, dry days but with the leaves turning.

We're having a sale on Grote Bed & Breakfast rooms, just $50/50 prims, more if you need them, and you can lock this price in through October 31.

Beautiful new room and patio sets from Ria Bazar, Finishing Touches, Bella Bertone and others.

Come and see the breakfast room at Grote B&B South - quite realistic expresso and biscuits from Kitchen Korner.

Teleport to Grote Bed & Breakfast South


Bed & Breakfast gives you a chance to try out what it's like really living with the beautiful sets you see in the best stores...



and also gives you a respite from your regular SL -- come on an alt!

Flamingo Motel Court Cabins are also just $50/50, grunge or non-grunge, retro or modern, use our furniture or yours.

Travel Back to the 1950s


At either of these locations you can add a skybox yourself if you like and put out a few items in our community gatcha yard sale.

And we have some new sky homes for $100/100 such as Barnesworth Anubis Manhattan Loft (we're still trying to figure out how we can see the Empire State Building out of both north and south windows : ))

Teleport to Flamingo Court Sky Homes

We still have camping spaces open at Grote also for just $1/prim, and management prims do not count. It's really peaceful and restful here with crickets and campfires and lazing on the docks!

You Need an SL Vacation!



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