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Looking for A few people to play some Lycan pups

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My mate and I are about to have three pups in the begining of October. We are looking for two maybe three people to play two to three male lycan pups. Please Contact MorganWolfe or WulfBlackMoon if you are interested. We also might be looking for someone to play a human boy also, though not as soon as we will be looking for someone to play the pups. We do Use bloodlines and we have our own pack, and a nice home. If you are interested and have Alt's that you would like to join with as well as playing the pups you are welcome to. OUr general play time is between 8pm SLT and 12am SLT.
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I am Morgan's mate, I am a Lycan. In a simple form, you will "act" like a pup, interact with us both as your parents. You would have a woff pup AV and behave how you think a young pup would. It really is open to your own personality too. It is like a never ending story, we could be at our home hanging out, or we might go to another sim and visit there.


When we are not online of course you are free to be your 'other' self and hang out or visit where ever you like.

It might even mean you playing all 3 pups, just changing your title depending to which one your are.

If you are interested, please IM us and we can arrange to meet and talk more.


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