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Multiple textures on 1 prim face simultaneously?

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Is it possible to have multiple textures on the same face of a prim at the same time - for instance several tiled pictures?

If not, it seems we could get the same effect using HTML on a prim - but do all viewers now support HTML on a prim.

Perhaps there are some other solutions?

Thank you in advance



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Hi Jaques,

Simple prims can have only one texture per face, though it's possible to construct prims with multiple co-planar faces, as Ayumi Cassini does beautifully here...


Mesh objects can have up to eight textures located on co-planar surfaces.

You can combine any number of textures into one using an external image editor.

HTML on a prim is interesting. I've not used it in years and never really explored it much. Here's the wiki page for it...


HTML from a notecard catches my eye, as I can imagine it might allow the assembly of multiple textures (via UUID) into an array using HTML markup. There have been discussions about map images of regions that contained far more detail than we thought possible from a manageable number of prims, and I wonder if HTML on a prim is the method used to accomplish that.

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Hi Madelaine,

Thank you for such a fast and detailed reply.

The prim twisting link you gave to Ayumi Cassini's web page is really amazing.

I seem to recall that the old X_Y texture display for messages used something like that - seems a long time ago.

I'll look into mesh to - but to be honest I havven't a clue about mesh - I'll ask a friend who works with mesh.

Thanks for the info on the HTML on a prim - I didn't know about HTML from a notecard either.




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I'd be interested to know more about these "discussions about map images" in case there's stuff I've missed. Meanwhile, in case it's relevant, here's a sample script that will paint a 2048x2048 Shared Media map of Zindra on face 0 of a prim:


default{    state_entry()    {        string html =        "data&colon;text/html,<head><script src=\"http://maps.google.com/maps?file=api&v=2&key=\" type=\"text/javascript\"></script><script src=\"http://slurl.com/_scripts/slmapapi.js\" type=\"text/javascript\"></script><link rel=\"stylesheet\" type=\"text/css\" href=\"http://slurl.com/_styles/MAIN.css\" /><style> div#map-container { width:2048px; height:2048px;} </style><script>function loadmap() {  mapInstance = new SLMap(document.getElementById('map-container'), { hasZoomControls: false, hasPanningControls: false, hasOverviewMapControl: false});  mapInstance.centerAndZoomAtSLCoord(new XYPoint(1812.5, 1188), 3);}</script></head><body onload=\"loadmap()\" onunload=\"GUnload()\"><div id=\"map-container\"></div></body>        ";        llSetPrimMediaParams(0,            [ PRIM_MEDIA_AUTO_PLAY, TRUE            , PRIM_MEDIA_CONTROLS, PRIM_MEDIA_CONTROLS_STANDARD            , PRIM_MEDIA_CURRENT_URL, html            , PRIM_MEDIA_HOME_URL, html            , PRIM_MEDIA_HEIGHT_PIXELS, 2048  // crap: rounded up to nearest power of 2            , PRIM_MEDIA_WIDTH_PIXELS, 2048            , PRIM_MEDIA_PERMS_INTERACT, PRIM_MEDIA_PERM_ANYONE            , PRIM_MEDIA_PERMS_CONTROL, PRIM_MEDIA_PERM_NONE            , PRIM_MEDIA_FIRST_CLICK_INTERACT, TRUE            ]);    }}

Incidentally, I think that wiki link is about a hypothetical implementation, discussed prior to introduction of the actual "Shared Media" aka "Media On A Prim" feature. In addition to the usual funciton documentation, theres an interesting user-supplied wiki article showing some examples of that.

Not to beat a dead horse (again), but MOAP is now very rarely used for anything public because a significant share of SL users have it disabled to avoid real privacy problems. We may wish it were different, but that's just how it is: pretty much limited to our own, individual use.


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MOAP should improve soon. Currently it is based on WebKit which hasn't been updated for years and doesn't support HTML5 and is generally clunky and unsupported by the publisher. I think I am right in saying that it is going to google web toolkit. To quote the blurb:

  1. GWT is a development toolkit for building and optimizing complex browser-based applications. Its goal is to enable productive development of high-performance web applications without the developer having to be an expert in browser quirks, XMLHttpRequest, and JavaScript.

I'm excited!

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I had a brain cramp when I wondered if MOAP could solve the map image riddle. I can't find the thread in which that was discussed, but I think MOAP wouldn't work because the map renders only one solid color for every prim face visible in the map. A MOAP face, regardless of complexity, would still be represented as all of one color in the map.

The thread I recall was all about theorizing how someone had placed a photograph in the world map. I think we ended up concluding that the creator had tortured a prim into five faces and then filled the sim with a few thousand of those prims, with each face presenting one pixel in the map aerial view. That's the sort of challenge that would interest you, so I imagine you participated in the thread. Remember it?


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