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FREE VENDING Spots at Refugio Flea Market

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FREE VENDING spots available for avatars TWO YEARS OF AGE OR YOUNGER IN SL, i.e. born after September 10, 2013.

Fly to Refugio Free Market

You can take up to TWENTY FIVE PRIMS

I just cleaned out the sales depot of oldbies for a new generation of sellers.

Please bring your own creations or used  or previously-owned items on transfer created by others such as gatcha wins.

No affiliate vendors, "business in a box," all-perms sculpty/mesh kits, etc.

You must be only two years or younger.

Join SL Public Land Preserve for a one-time fee of $5 and you can go on selling for a year.

Refugia Flea Market is part of the SL Public Land Preserve and is devoted to promoting creativity and encouraging commerce especially for beginners or people who leave and return to SL because it's too hard.



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