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Trying to save outfits but it's not working - any solutions? (SL Viewer)

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I'm using the SL viewer (usually use Firestorm but it's been crashing too much recently) and want to save some outfits. I go to Edit Appearance, click on the 'Wearing' tab then click Save As and name the outfit. The outfit name then appears in the My Outfits tab, but no clothes are actually listed - it just says 'There are no items in this outfit. Also when I look at the My Outfits folder in my inventory it is empty.

Does anyone know what to do? I've tried looking at other threads but haven't seen anything helpful. 

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The easiest fix is the following. Please note that I'm using Firestorm 4.7.7. The steps/menu items might be a little different on other viewers.

Enable to Developer menu. Preferences > Advanced > Show Developer Menu

Make sure you have your current shape saved somewhere.

Developer > Avatar > Character Tests > select either Test Male or Test Female

After that is done, switch back to your old shape & clothes. Saving outfits should now work for you again.


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