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Ladies Night @ The Buzzz internet radio and Club

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This is The Buzzz Internet Radio and Club. Fun place to hang out with great people. Come join The Party. You can listen to us from home sweet home at http://fsshoutcast.com:8074 or tune in from anywhere at http://thebuzzzradio.wix.com/internetradio Come on in for the Late set at The Buzzz. Spend some time with me(Calli) your lovely host, and out fantastic DJ CAPTAIN JACK. Jack asked for a ladies night so he could show his appreciation to all the lovely ladies that help make second life such a fun and welcoming place. We'll have a contest from 8-10 Best in Leather and Lace Our resident dj will rock your ears with some great tunes. Maybe we'll get some trivia up and running. All in all let's just have a great night, and enjoy ourselves. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Miracles/199/150/22
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