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Hiring Experienced Photographers and CSRs

Moana Exonar

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Are you an experienced Photographer or have a knack for Customer Service? If so, let us know because Twisted Pixels Photography is hiring talented Photographers and CSRs

We ask our team to be polite and respectful to customers. To work well as part of the team and have the drive to make Twisted Pixels the best studio in SL. We require our staff to work a minimum of 6 hours a week - 3x 2 hour shifts. You can work more shifts if you like. The more you're available, the more you can make but of course that is your choice. Photographers will be paid an 80/20 split with the studio with the possibility of making 90/10 if there are no CSRs on duty and they secure their own booking. CSRs will be paid 10/90 split or a 500$L base wage per week (base wage if they put in their full 6 hours as agreed)

If this sounds like you, please IM Moana Exonar or Sid Algoma  in-world for an application form


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