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Where are the hippies?


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hey Duder!

The hippies are at Commune Utopia - search for us or click this link http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Orga/20/91/29

We have been in SL for four years and have a welcoming, thriving community of 1800 loving, friendly people. 

There are a variety of events, live music, discussions, and anything people want to do here is welcomed. We have yoga and a smokes cafe too if that interests you :)

Today for instance we are having a sit in to remember the refugees of Syria who have not been supported by European governments (this is at 9am SLT today).

Because we're a truly international community, it's rare to find the Commune empty, but like the waves of the sea, the tide will soon return with conversation, dancing and fun times. 

Peace and love Sedi <3


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