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500L / hour - Entry-level research assistant - Gamification


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We are two independent researchers focused on game-inspired solutions to real-world problems, a subject otherwise known as "gamification." We would like to hire a part-time research assistant to work with us virtually at our office in Second Life.

General duties involve logging into our office at required hours to assist us with Internet research tasks, such as finding articles, writing general summaries of facts and information, and providing a fresh set of eyes for us.


  • College-level writing and academic research skills.
  • General competence with Second Life.
  • Appropriate avatar for professional environment.
  • Highly-consistent punctuality.
  • Ability to use screen-sharing software such as Join.me during work hours.
  • Ability to participate via microphone

Desired qualifications:

  • Some previous experience with academic research.
  • At least 6 months' experience on Second Life.
  • Basic project support experience.
  • Basic administrative skills.


  • Perform Internet research on relevant topics.
  • Produce basic summaries and lists of relevant materials.
  • Perform basic administrative and organizational support as needed.
  • Maintain a 95% punctuality rate.

Hours and compensation:

500L per hour, 6 hours per week.

Thurday nights from 3:00 - 6:00pm SLT
Friday nights from 3:00 - 6:00pm SLT

Contact information:

Interested parties, please send application to Michael Burgundy on Second Life, or as a comment to this thread. Please feel free to ask questions via the forum as well.

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