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LeLutka Creator Kit


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Thanks for reading.


I grabbed the LeLutka Creator Kit to make a few makeups for fun and see where it goes and while making the applier was easy, the instructions are mostly good, I find I have a couple of techinical issues to resolve before it will work.

It is worth mentioning that I have never assembled an applier with UUID's and what have you and so these questions may seem basic to someone who knows that answer. I am happy to meet such a person.

//////// Problem //////

In the kit is all the required bits and pieces to make the applier including 2 UVmaps. One has a grey background and the other is transparent, I assume for an Alpha.

Q: Which one should I make the makeup on? 

Q: Once my UVmap is done and I upload it and copy the UUID to the notecard where does this texture go?

The question comes from having gone through this only to have the applier say "My LeLutka Applier I: Selection "Dark Lips" not found." 

So I know there is a simple bit of info missing that I am having a hard time finding. A tutorial or link or explanation would be greatly appreciated. 


All the best

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