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Erotic story time Starting now

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Starting now!
Lar's House Presents Emma's Erotic Storytime
Emma Foehammer has a seductive voice that can paint a sensual image that will leave you captivated for a moment. Come be hypnotized by Emma's alluring voice and a naughty tale that will surely entice you!!! 
Today's story is called, "Neighbor Voyeur" A woman can't take her eyes off her handsome naked neighbor and gets caught! What will he do to her?? Please join her at the Lar's Warehouse for a stimulating time!
I'm staring at him from my bedroom, entranced. This is so wrong. I shouldn't be doing this. But I can't stray my gaze away from him. He is walking around in his bedroom, completely naked, talking on the phone. My brain is screaming at me to shut the blinds and pretend I never saw anything, but my hand has a mind of its own. I'm going to hell for this, I think to myself before my right hand slowly creeps down to my highly aroused **** .  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Radostin/82/142/504
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