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#WoRPG - The international Roleplay Hub

Chri Emor

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            The international Roleplay-Hub
                                      since 2012

The idea behind it.... A hub to connect and to strengthen the roleplaying community; a central contact point for newbies and roleplaying beginners; a focal point to support and encourage the exchange of thoughts, ideas and creativity.  We had no clue where the journey would lead us, but now we have connected more than 70 roleplaying worlds from A to Z and from different genres.

It is one of our goals provide broad support to roleplay beginners as well as to inspire experienced players seeking a new roleplaying challenge. Furthermore we want to show the wide range and the diversity of roleplaying worlds to all interested visitors.

Support from Roleplayers of Roleplayers is the motto of the Roleplaying hub. On differents floors you can find the roleplay in different languages.

We are looking forward to your visit. A multitude of worlds is awaiting you and your creativity. It is up to you to fill the creations of simowners with life and to experience thrilling adventures with your friends and the roleplaying community.

visit the international Roleplayhub -center
more informations for sim-owners...

Chri Emor

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