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Project Starlight - Looking for Scripter for Restraint System

Shinga Zahm

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La Jolie Designs is looking for a scripter for Project Starlight, a unique restraint system for avatars to wear.   I already have the processes behind how it works thought of, the assets for prototypes already made and ready - I need someone to help make this project possible!  I would prefer a scripter who can make the scripts so that I can easily tweak them with different pose and prim names since Starlight will sell in a basic package with additional expansions to the system.


***I will provide all animations, prims/meshes, and menu layouts to be used in Starlight.  I only need YOU for the scripts.***


What I'm looking for:

1. Friendly and active!

2. Very comfortable with speaking English

3. Familiar with how "traditional" RLV cuffs/collars work in Second Life

   - (not 100% necessary, I can show you an example if need be).


What I'm offering:

1. A lump sum of L$ for each completed section of the project's scripts:

   - Menu system

   - Cuff system

   - r.OS system

   - Doma system

2. A considerable % of sales for *ALL* LJD products containing your scripts

   - Project Starlight will sell as an initial basic package with various themes and include expansions that add more to the experience.  You will get a percentage of all sales of all basic packages and expansions.



- - - - -

Interested?  Contact Shinga Zahm, La Jolie Designs' manager if interested.  Notecard is preferable; IMs can get missed easily.




Shinga Zahm

La Jolie Designs Manager

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