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Don't Understand system layers

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I have a mesh avatar - new one

I recently purchased a pair of awesome Jeans. no where on description did it saysystem layers.

I don't really understand how to make the jeans show up

scripts are enabled. however only the pockets on back of jeans show.

the rest are on the shins of the avatar.

I am new to Sl and am still learning. any insight inot how to use them - systems layers

would be greatly appreciated

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systemlayers won't work with mesh avatars, if you wear a LL starter avatar you are stuck with the clothes you wear now.

If you want to  change your look you will have to buy/find everything new, including body/shape, skins and clothes.


If you aleady have a developed mesh avatar from another resident/shop you can look for clothes and skins everywhere. Lot of stores will have fitting clothes and/or appliers for it. ( logo's on the adds)

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There are two basic types of avatars in Second Life:

1. The original "Classic style" avatars. They modify a default "System body" with these parts:

First are these required parts which can not be removed, but can be replaced with different ones: Shape (includes gender), skin, eyes, eyebrow shaper-hair base.

Then add on these optional parts, which can be removed entirely: System layer clothing (many layers, many types), tatoo makeup, shoes, wig, mesh or flexi attachments (non-system layer clothing made for standard avatars). 

2. Mesh avatars. These are a kind of flexable whole body shell that is worn over a default system avatar. The default system avatar is usually made invisible by wearing a whole boday alpha (so it won't show through the mesh shell). Mesh avatars require clothing specifically made for that particular mesh avatar.

You can find Linden provided starter avatars (of both kinds) in your viewer. Usually in an item called something like "Choose an avatar" under one of the menus in the viewer. You can also find complete starter avatars in your inventory, in the Library folder. You can wear one by dragging the folder onto your avatar. Starter avatars are fairly basic, you can buy more advanced ones on the marketplace, but become familiar with how it works before spending a lot of money.

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When you first rezzed in world, if it's been recently, you were given a "mesh" body of sorts. You can't change the clothes or the skin. Your best bet is to take this off an choose on of the classic avatars you'll find in your library under the clothing tab.

Now, you've gotten rid of that mesh, let's look at what most call your default avi. There are 4 parts you have to have on an avi that you can't take off...skin, shape, eyes and hairbase.  Most of the ones provided have a skin that has underwear baked on that you can't take off. You can purchase or often find free new skins you can wear.


Your default body can be customize by editing your shape, usually gotten to by right click on your avi, appearance then edit shape. You'll have a whole host of sliders for different parts. I would suggest you change your arm length to at least between 60 and 70 as the SL arms tend to be way too short. You can play with these and get the look you want, especially on the face. From the neck down, if you intend to wear mesh clothing, you'll need to get the standard sizing numbers and decide what size you want to be.

Your default body comes with layers you can wear system clothing on. These are denoted in your inventory by little icons, an orangey squiggle for makeup/tat layer. a see through shirt for your alpha layers you'll need to use with mesh clothing, an undershirt/underpants for the underwear, shirt for the top and pants for the bottom half, then a jacket for the top and a skirt for the bottom. you can layer these just like you do your real life clothing with up to 30 (I think) items worn.  

We also have mesh clothing, clothing that designers have more options on for the appearance of the textures and shading than what the system clothing has. If you get mesh clothing, you will need to look at the standard sizing and choose your size. Until you know the designers, always demo.

Next up is the newest edition to SL, mesh bodies. Your default avi is mesh as well, but it's old and lower resolution. The new mesh bodies eliminate most of the parts that have problems; mainly around curved areas where there aren't enough polygons to give a smooth curve. For these, you'll need appliers. Basically, SL takes care of applying system clothing and skins to your default avi. The mesh bods are an addition so have to have the textures applied manually using a scripted hud. Most body have a more limited range of layers, mainly tskin, attoo, underwear, and clothing. You can only wear one item/texture per layer. There are several blogs out there, including mine, that go into more detail. Again, demo, demo, demo untill you find a body you like. Some come with mesh hands and feet included, some you have to buy them separately. You'll have to buy your skin appliers separately along with the basic skin from most designers.

Hope I haven't overwhelmed you.

Good Luck

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