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Can't rez object 'KittyCat14' on parcel but 18 prims are available

HarrieLee Starsider


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KittyCats have variable impacts on the Land Prim Impact count


Prims used by your KittyCatS

  • KittyCatS boxes have 1 Prim
  • KittyCatS boxes in Image mode have 2 Prims
  • KittyCatS without clothes have 13 Prims
  • Each clothes accessory shown will add one prim, i.e. they can have up to 11 prims more
  • KittyCatS in "low prim mode" have 8 Prims, each clothes accessory shown will add one prim (see prim menu to enable low prim mode)
  • KittyCatS in "picture/image mode" have 1 Prims
  • Food bowls have 2 Prims
  • Milk bowls have 1 Prims

- See more at: http://kittycats.biz/help/article.php?id=47#sthash.wXghKeFh.dpuf

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