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experienced host seeks work


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Hello there , I'm Billy Diesel and I'm looking for a job as a host/greeter .

yes I am the host with the most , funny charming witty and above all professional . I'm familiar with managing clubs and sims .

I'm tactful and direct when dealing with griefers, and I'm also knowledgeable in interviewing staff , hiring and supervision roles.

I tend to be a pretty classy looking guy , love formal attire but have a vast wardrobe .

Comfortable in all types of club scenes (ballroom,gay/lesbian,alternative) ... About the only thing I dont do is DJ , but I'm looking into it.


I'm a night owl , dont mind doing double shifts or short notice (if I'm on i'll come) looking for something hourly plus tips .


shoot me an IM and I'll pop and check it out


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