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someone please help me. i was given an item from a domme friend of mine and it turned out to be an invisible collar like think that auto locked and set her to owner im still new to SL and im freaking out because i dont want to be controled 100% against my will. i cant take the collar off, and i cant runaway. when i tried to run away it says "access denied" please someone help me, i dont want this girl as a part of my SL life at ALL. thank you in advance for all who read this and reply, and also feel free to message me in world as well. 

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Hi Allison,

Turn off RLV. If you're using FIrestorm, you'll find that at the very top of the Firestorm panel of Preferences, labeled as "Allow Remote Scripted Viewer Controls (RLVa). Uncheck it and restart the viewer. Then remove the collar.

Or, you can log-in using the official SL viewer, which doesn't support RLV. You'll then be able to remove the collar.

Watch your step!


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