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Beautiful mainland under L$1/prim 2-4 weeks free

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#1 1024m 468 prims L$450/week

Nautilus - Gisco

#3 1024m 468 prims L$450/week

Nautilus - Dido

#4 2048m 937 prims L$900/week

Nautilus - Melqart

All Rentals come with a money back guarentee! Dont like the area? Can't fit your build? Need more prims? Contact us within 48 hours for a full refund of anything paid.

Pay 2 weeks upfront and get 2 weeks free or pay 4 weeks upfront and get 4 weeks free. The bonus time will be added within a few days of renting.

All land can be used for both residential or commercial purposes.

Land cannot be deeded to your group, aditional people can be added via the "add tenants" option on your rental meter and they will recieve a group invite when they click the rental meter.

Breedables are allowed.

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