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Mesh cloths - UV image

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Im creating a t-shirt and i succeeded to make it looks nice but when i do smart uv project to create a UV pattern it appear all messed up.

I tried to remake the shirt cutting it in half and mirror the best side to the other.


Well i want to know if there is a way to make it appear front/back well separated ?


Any idea or a good tuto about it ?


Thank you for help

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Hi :)

What you need to learn to do is add seams to your mesh before UV unwrapping. For a T-shirt these seams will usually be where you will find the sewing seams in a RL T-shirt. When you add seams the UV's will be split into separate islands along those edges.

This is the first Video tutorial Google found when i did a search for unwrapping a t shirt in Blender.


To have the front and back as separate islands you would need to add seams along the shoulders.

Once you have finished your T-shirt project you should look into finding tutorials on basic UV unwrapping and editing in Blender .

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