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Invite to check Emirate Of Kuwar !


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We invite you to check out the Emirate of Kuwar. Kuwar is a loosely based Middle Eastern Emirate, ruled by the Evil Emir Hussein al Rachid and his Royal Family. The Emirate is mainly a cooperative RP sim, with limited use of RLV. We offer a very open style of Role Play. We encourage both Legal and Illegal activities. Slavery, prostitution, and smuggling can be found as well as those who try to contain those activities. We have a functioning Legal system, we contract currently with Morelock prison to house those who get caught in illegal activities, the convicted may aslo be subject to a life of slavery to the Emirate. We are currently seeking applicants for: Slave overseers, Events Manager, Hookah lounge manager, Military and other positions. <br><br>Please feel free to stop and check us out. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fiorellino/177/26/22

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