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How long does it take for a moderator to approve uploaded images?

Snickers Snook


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Those uploads are not moderated.  Just update your picture.  It should appear immediately, but if it does not, try relogging.

OH...your FORUM profile picture, not your in-world Profile picture.  Well, I have never seen that message before, Snick.  I'll try to upload a new picture and see what happens.


OK.  It's confusing!  You click the link where it says "go to your My Images page..."  That takes you to a page where all the images you've uploaded resides.  The new pictures you uploaded should be there.  When you click one, you should see a pulldown for "Image Options."  One of them is "Use as Avatar."  Select that.  It should say, "congratulations, you have a new avatar."


Now that I've solved Snickers' problem, I have one of my own.  I can't figure out how to change the BACKGROUND picture in my Forum card.  I go to the "Social Connect" tab, and it says I can use one of my uploaded images or one of the four icky themes...but I don't see a way to use an uploaded image!  Didn't there used to be a link there for that?

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