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Male Mesh Heads?


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Hey, I'll try to keep this very blunt and concise as possible...

The point of this thread is just to ask other males, or anyone really..if they have any favorites or bias towards male mesh heads as I'm not finding many of them..



I mod non human fantasy characters for majority of my time on SecondLife, so I'm very unaware of normal human fashion, especially mesh heads since they recently came about.


I'm attempting to make a masculine fellow (I'll post a quick snapshot at the bottom of this post for a rough idea.) And I'm still playing with his style as seen with the demo skin/hair..but I personally don't like the jagged and roughness of the LL heads so I'm strongly aiming for a mesh one..

I'm familiar with these mesh heads so far..(The ones that are customizable) 


TMP (The Mesh Project)



And the default one that's included with the mesh body I use, Niramyths Aesthetic. 


But to be perfectly honest, a lot of them only sell light complexion skins..


And not to feel like a total mooch.. heres a fairly good male fashion blog that's probably my all time favorite http://malefashionfeed.info/ but not much luck in terms of searching for mesh heads.


So..do you guys have any favorite male mesh heads or are you still rocking the LL heads?









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i will respond, but not in having a favortie, because all male head till now look horrible.

most of it are (thousends) of tmp/birth/catwa clones, If you have seen one, you recognize all .. same eye postition/shape, same nose, same hanging mouth, no subtile movements; it looks like a fish out of the water when talking...blublblub...


Because of the limited market for males there are only a few basic shaped heads, of course it gets better, but for now it's too early.

The female market is much further in development and diferent choices.


It will, i think, for sure not be before the bento is getting up that there will be a real difference and it will be really attractive to get a mesh head.

I have the 3 most known brands heads... and simply it's not standing out above the SL head, except for detail. But i want to be me, and have my own look. It's so boring when landing somewhere and see clones everywhere.

And not the smallest reason... most "better"ones are badly overpriced.

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My partner wanted a mesh head, just the head not the body cause he didn't want to have to change his entire wardrobe lol..  So we went on a search,  of course we started with the most popular and most advertised and we both agreed we have not seen anything quite so ugly in SL anywhere.. As far as I am concerned the body is also pretty ugly as well, way over done, out of proportion, but the head is absolutely unattractive period.  From a female point of view, I want an rather handsome, perhaps rugged look but not something that looks like it just stepped out of a gangster cartoon.  

Any how,  after trying all the available demos,  he settled on an Evian Head and skin combination.  They have several and are the least ugly of all that we checked out.  In my opinion, most of the male heads makers are totally out of touch with what is attractive.. they seem to be either too boyish, or overly ugly.  It would be nice to find something really good..  The Evian head my partner settled on is acceptable. The store where these can be found is called Egoisme, skins & fashion.

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Alwin Alcott @Tazzie Tuque


I didn't expect many replies or any at all since the fashion forum doesn't seem as active as it use to be. But thanks for the replies, I appreciate it.


Seems like I don't have much choice and I agree with both of you when you say they can be unattractive and very easy to spot when someone wears them. Despite the jaggedness of the LL heads at least we have more room to make them feel more personal/unique. Looks like I'll be sticking with the LL ones for now.


Just like real life, the females get so much more variety and choices in fashion! Sadface. I'll send some reps your ways. 

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AKERUKA has quite a few male mesh heads if you haven't tried them. Can't vouch for any as I am still not happy with the male bodies :D so my "guy" version of me is still in system avatar mode. Happily "he" doesn't get all that bare all that often *wink*.


Good luck.

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