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Stuck at "requesting region capabilities"

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I've never had this problem before. There were no settings changes to my router, nor was there any updates installed. All of a sudden I'm unable to log in, always stuck at "requesting region capabilities, attempt 1/2/3". Then of course it throws "we're having trouble connecting" error message.

- The only antivirus I have active is Windows Defender (windows 10). No I'm not using Norton

- There's nothing wrong with my connection, speed is normal (speedtest.net) and I can surf web just fine

- Wifi at full signal strength

- I'm at home not at work, so it's not because someone blocked the SL port

Happens on both Firestorm and linden viewer.

What else can I do to fix this?


Edit: Yes I've tried logging into multiple regions, including Smith/Pooley, nothing works.

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This is a connection issue. Not necessarily on your side.

Give it an hour or try specifying your logon location, say Furball or Pooley.

Remember. A good general Internet connection or a good test at SpeedTest.net doesn't mean you have a good connection to every computer in the network. Test your specific connection to the SL servers. http://blog.nalates.net/2011/10/26/troubleshoot-your-sl-connection/

Tuesday and Wednesday servers are being restarted in the 6 to noon time frame as new software is installed. Don't be surprised if you have problems logging in or using SL after login during these times. Just jump to a new region or change your login location.

Not every Tuesday or Wednesday has a restart sequence. You need to look in the SL Forum in Technology, Servers, the Deploys thread to see which regions are getting updated. There are two sets of regions; main and 3 RC regions. This week (18) the main channel got an update and restart (Tuesday). The RC channels did not (typically Wednesday).

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2 minutes ago, Cuti3xQueenxRoyalT said:

Same thing happening to me as Lentissimo Did you ever get this resolved and how? 

Thanks :)


Yes i have tried all the above 

Lentissimo hasnt visited the forums since February 2017.  You should probably start your own thread clearly stating your issues and also from the viewer Help - About and paste everything there into your thread.  You can find this from the viewer log in screen without logging in. 

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