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Noob needs some help with Avatar


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How do I get my avatar to turn around and face me?  I used the walk box and turned her towards me but then she immediately turns her back to me.  Need her to face me so I can  try on her clothes and add new skin.

Secondly, when she is walking and I should have her stopped she keeps on going on her own. What am I doing wrong.

Third, can you tell me where 2 or 3 reasonably priced clothing stores are until I get the hang of this.  Also skln stores.

And last, where is a good safe place to change clothes.

I have searched and searched and and I am at a lose.


TY in advance.



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Welcome to SL!

One of the options on your lower toolbar is 'camera controls'. If you click on that, you will have a small box open on your viewer where you can click which direction you wish your camera to face (avie back, avie front, avie shoulder).  The easier way is to learn to cam around to the front of your avie to see it from the front.

"keeps going on her own" sounds like you are experiencing some lag.  Take a look at this:  http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Lag

Since you are new, I suggest that you search on 'freebies' and you will find many places that offer free everything until you get some experience under your belt.  There is no rush to spend lindens.

You can change clothes safely anywhere in SL.  If you want some privacy, you can look on the grid map for a place where you do not see any green dots (avatars), go there, and change.

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